In the vibrant realm of TikTok, users embark on a journey not just for entertainment but also to explore a universe of diverse content. Beyond the captivating For You feed, TikTok’s powerful search experience serves as a gateway for users to delve into a plethora of information, ranging from fashion tips and recipes to unboxing videos and product reviews.

TikTok has evolved into a top search destination, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with a vast and diverse audience. According to a recent study, a staggering 58% of TikTok users discover new brands and products on the platform, surpassing other social media platforms by 1.5 times.¹ This surge in brand discovery on TikTok has ignited our excitement as we introduce a game-changing feature: the Search Ads Toggle on TikTok Ads Manager.
The Power of Search Ads Toggle
The Search Ads Toggle is not just a feature; it’s a strategic catalyst for brands to elevate their presence on TikTok. Leveraging advertisers’ existing In-Feed Ad creative, the Search Ads Toggle seamlessly integrates ads into TikTok search results, aligning with relevant user queries and organic search results. With the Search Ads Toggle, brands can extend the reach of their campaigns to users actively seeking information related to their business. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage high-intent users, driving incremental engagement and unlocking new avenues for revenue potential.
Why Choose the Search Ads Toggle?
The Search Ads Toggle isn’t just about reaching users; it’s about providing rich, relevant information and experiences. Users turn to TikTok search for various reasons — to discover new content, revisit old favorites, or stay updated on the latest trends. The Search Ads Toggle offers advertisers a novel way to assist and enhance this user journey, delivering content that aligns seamlessly with user intent. Moreover, the results speak volumes. Internal research from TikTok reveals that 70% of ad groups with the Search Ads Toggle “on” demonstrate more efficient performance, leading to increased conversions from search ads.² This feature isn’t just a tool; it’s a driving force behind successful TikTok advertising campaigns.
Where the Magic Happens: Ad Placement in TikTok Search
The journey begins with a user clicking the search button at the top of their For You feed. From there, they input a search query, unveiling a series of search results. Among these results, the Search Ads Toggle positions ads, marked as “Sponsored” content. The placement is strategic, varying based on relevancy, user intent, and insights derived from user behavior.Once a user engages with a search ad, the experience mirrors the in-feed TikTok experience. Users can seamlessly scroll through search results in the order they appear on the page, creating a cohesive and immersive brand interaction.

Witnessing Success: Search Ads Toggle in Action
The real impact of the Search Ads Toggle shines through success stories from early adopters. Clinique UK, for instance, harnessed the power of the Search Ads Toggle to promote its Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation. This strategic move enabled high-intent users to discover Clinique’s ad among relevant videos on the search page, leading to valuable sales from users already interested in the product.

DIBS Beauty, during the bustling Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period in 2022, utilized the Search Ads Toggle to extend the reach of its Spark Ads campaign. The additional ad placement not only expanded DIBS Beauty’s visibility on the For You feed but also in active searches for the brand and related products.

The Future of TikTok Brand Discovery
TikTok’s Search Ads Toggle propels brand discovery into a new era. As we continuously innovate the TikTok search experience, brands now have the opportunity to show up next to content relevant to their business, product, or service. This creates a more personalized ad experience for users, fostering stronger connections between brands and the TikTok community.

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Currently, the Search Ads Toggle is available in the US, with testing underway in other markets.

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