TikTok Doctor

As winter descends upon South Africa, so too does a spike in health-related searches. According to Google, there are 70,000 health-related searches conducted each minute, highlighting the need for reliable and accessible health information. This need inspired the creation of a unique solution: a TikTok doctor.

Meet Dr. Randall Ortel, a Family Medicine Specialist and Emergency Medical Practitioner with a lifelong commitment to learning and being a knowledge partner to others. He recently completed his master’s in family medicine at the University of Cape Town. Dr. Ortel believes that this course represents the future of healthcare in South Africa, particularly with the upcoming National Health Insurance Bill. After completing his studies, a family medicine doctor will be in high demand, making Dr. Ortel’s efforts towards professional advancement all the more valuable.

Despite the demands of his course, Dr. Ortel remains an important figure in his local community, offering not only medical care but also support and guidance on work-related issues and job searches. He is a proponent of preventative care and believes that education is key to promoting healthy lifestyles and offering a path to a better future for the youth in his community.

Dr. Ortel’s commitment to healthcare provision in his community is unwavering, even in the face of challenges such as gang violence and limited access to healthcare facilities. He is optimistic about the future, however, with plans for a new hospital in the area.

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If you would like to find out more, please schedule a virtual coffee.