The growing influence of influencers

The pandemic has shifted more and more of our daily activities online, so that a social media presence isno longer optional for brands; it’s a necessity.

Based on our research, 78% of consumers are now accustomed to spending more time interacting with people and brands through virtual social channels, and this behavior is here to stay. Agreement was universal across demographics and highest among older consumers, reaching 81% for 35-45s and 73% for 18-24s.

This increased online presence is leading to shifts in buying behaviour.

Social commerce is developing at warp speed: on average, 85% have purchased a product or service after seeing it advertised or reviewed on social media. This number is high globally, ranging from 94% in Indonesia to 78% in France.

A report, produced in partnership with TikTok and Publicis Groupe, aims to explore social communities’ role ininfluencing purchase decisions.

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