A narrative approach to influencer marketing

TikTok has evolved into a thriving ecosystem where conversations take shape.

With SPACE.tm, we seamlessly integrate your brand into the captivating world of “Come With Me” videos. Our approach allows your brand to effortlessly slot into this established narrative format, capturing the attention of engaged users who actively seek out and participate in these experiences.

By partnering with us, you will gain access to our network of creators and influencers who specialize in crafting engaging “Come With Me” videos.

Through authentic storytelling, we ensure that your brand becomes an integral part of the user’s journey, igniting curiosity, fostering consideration, and stimulating meaningful engagement.


  1. Create organic and native content on TikTok
  2. Simple production methodology and execution
  3. Reach a large South African and African audience
  4. Utilize TikTok’s library audio tracks for commercial usage
  5. Track audience and video performance stats
  6. Professional team of communication experts who work on our format

How it works:

    1. We kick off and sign the paperwork.
    2. Schedule a 1-hour MS Teams briefing session.
    3. We visit your location for 1 hour to create the ‘Come with Me’ video.  Our narrative usually plays out over 1-4 videos.
    4. We publish the video on our TikTok profile (49k followers) or on our creator’s profile (50k-1M followers) with brand mentions and a link to your website. 
    5. Simple and easy implementation process.

Ready to boost your brand on TikTok?

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