The following rate card can be used to understand our production services better. Please note that specialist video requests from the client may affect the rates.

Starter Package

The following package gets the brand started on TikTok.

Content Creators and Influencer Rates

Content creators and Influencers charge different rates depending on their audience and niche.  The rates below can be used as a guideline to understand costs.

Influencer Pre-Approval

Pre-Approval on Influencer created content.  We require a written brief which guides this process to completion.  No pre-approval services can be delivered without a written brief.

Production Rate Card

We have developed a standard production methodology for the below products.  This is a formatted approach.  Out-of-format requests may require an additional production budget.

Production Products

Our production products are designed to be cost effective and assist with production and service videos.  Our production production products use a standard production methodology.

Production Cost Guideline

Production rates will very due to different brand requirements or production treatments.  We have compiled the rates below as a guide to assist in project costing.

Content Edits and Release

Content is edited according to the proposed approach.  Music and text is added and the content is released.

Distribution Products

We have developed distribution channels which are available to use in campaigns.

Performance Media

We use boosts to increase views.  The rates below are based on a pool account service where budget is spent using the Infinite account.  Should the client require a own budget account, a minimum first time pre-payment of R45,000-00 (Excl. VAT and buying commission).  The budget can be used over several campaigns.

Production Facilities

We operate from our studios in Melville, Johannesburg.  We have the following facilities which  can be used for production.

Visit ERF350 Studios Now

ERF350 is a content creator shared workspace and studio and streaming centre.

TikTok Training

We offer three TikTok Training courses which are presented through our subsidiary, Media Academy (a Services SETA Accredited Training provider).

The Media Academy

The Media Academy is a Services SETA Accredited Training Provider.  Our vision is to become a specialist media entrepreneur school.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All services will be subject to a final cost estimate which uses this rate card to configure the final proposed solution.
  2. Any additional work which is required after the cost estimate has been signed off will be billed for using this rate card.
  3. All service products are defined in the rate card.
  4. Prices are our base rate and exclude re-sellers, agencies, or sales agent commissions.
  5. Prices exclude VAT.
  6. The rate card is subject to change without notice.  Changes will not affect signed off cost-estimates or approved project scopes.