Thank you for taking the time to meet with us to discuss our TikTok service offering. 

SPACE works with clients on developing and implementing TikTok strategies to grow brand and issue awareness.  

We don’t just buy views or place ads.  We create TikTok’s – driving up average watch time and overall campaign results.

Our approach is to organically enter the platform and then use boosted posts to drive results – be that for views, followers, lead generation, app downloads or e-commerce purchases.  

We offer a complete advisory, training, and implementation service, including TikTok media buying. 

  • Develop a TikTok Strategy

    We will create and TikTok Strategy that will expand on the overall approach, trends, release and measurement. 

    You can expect to receive an overview deck as well as a message/script document which will be used during production. 

  • Profile Creation or Acquisition

    The client would need a company/brand profile.  Profiles with more than 800 followers gain the ability to feature a link in the Bio as well as “Go-Live”.  We can either farm a new profile (2-3 weeks) or acquire an existing profile with followers.   

  • TikTok Production:

    We create several TikToks on a production day.  These days aim to gather the required footage as detailed in the strategy document Our production services include studio and pack-shot shoots.. 

  • TikTok Training:
    We offer TikTok Production training for front-line staff.  The training is provided through our subsidiary, The Media Academy, which is a Service SETA accredited training provider.
  • Edits and Release:

    The ideal release for TikTok is a video per day.  The footage that is gathered is edited, and labelled, and music is added before release on the client profile.

We have worked with several brands, including the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Spur, USAID, the National Department of Health, the City of Ekurhuleni, Brother Sewing Machines, and Dr. Randall Ortel, Ultimate Media and have also created specialist TikTok channels.

You can view some case studies below.

Vaccine Case Study
Vaccine – TikTok Videos

We are looking forward to working with you soon.


Morne Ebersohn

0834407751 (WhatsApp)

Vaccine Case Study

You can view the vaccine case study here.

Vaccine - TikTok

You can view the TikTok # tracker page here.

National Arbour Week

You can view the # tracker page.  90 of the videos were created by SPACE

TikTok Example:

The following example videos were used on our presentation.  We have included it here for ease of reference.

TikToks SPACE has made

Production Rates

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